Carlisle is a place where women warp and swarm, goats trot on ancient mountain switchbacks, ghosts shimmer quietly and wolves tear away at fences. Limbs and ideas intermingle with our animal instincts, our sadness and our gladness. The inhabitants live in a both abstract and familiar world of secrets, camaraderie and antlers that make up all our everyday lives. Workum examines our deeply personal idiosyncrasies as well as acknowledges the universality of humanity. 

This piece was created by a commission from Dance New Amsterdam with additional funding from The New York State Council of the Arts, a state agency.
1 hour

Performed by Samatha Allen, Ivy Baldwin, Kennis Hawkins, Hannah Heller
Sound design by Jenny Seastone Stern
Lighting Design by Many Ringger
Set design by Emily Thompson
Dance New Amsterdam, October 2008