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Copy of Here are the Mountains

Here are the Mountains

Here Are The Mountains slips between desires for creation and demolition and takes its form as a shifting and temporary monument. The performance folds dancer, object, and belongings into one. Using their bodies as well as the materials and detritus of the immediate environment, Katie Workum, Eleanor Smith and Weena Pauly assemble a temporary shrine to place, community and femaleness. The dancers' heightened state of performing is simultaneously ripe with the urgency of negotiation, as well as the meditative contemplations of experienced practitioners. As both a ritual act and a rebuke of permanency, Workum calls to mind the driving concepts of ephemeral art, feminist art, site-specific land art, and sculpture. Collaborators James Lo, sound, and Madeline Best, lighting, further the process by creating sources to be manipulated within the piece by the performers in real time.  Workum and her collaborators absorb and imprint the space with extemporality while maintaining choreographic expertise. Each monument is unique unto itself to act as a true reflection to the richly layered and shifting present, yet themes run throughout a building period over time, marking a larger sense of time and change. Lighting design by Madeline Best. Produced by Meredith Boggia  

Here Are The Mountains has been performed at 92nd St Y, Mettabee Farm and Arts and BkSD on April 8+9, 2017.  See calendar for information.