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Anna, Darrin, David, Eleanor, Jess, Katie, Leslie & Weena

Anna, Darrin, David, Eleanor, Jess, Katie, Leslie & Weena

This is not a dance piece. 

This is our conjuring inside our temporariness. 

This is connecting care and wellbeing of the dancers with the dance. 

This is a separateness as we negotiate our togetherness.  

This is the unknown without attempting to know. 

This is Anna Witenberg, Darrin Wright, David Thomson, Eleanor Smith, Jess Pretty, Katie Workum, Leslie Cuyjet & Weena Pauly and what happens within a multi-year, ritualized gathering of moving, practicing, conversing, eating and making improvised dances again and again and again. It’s in the action, the ritual, the body, the form, the fantasy, the frequency, the space, the shape, the desire, the flow, the memory, the place, the passion, the reach, the imagination, the time, the fluidness, the sameness, the emptying out, the chaos, the chance, the landscape and the returning.  Through these kaleidoscoping lenses we reflect our jointed worlds to cultivate meaning and to create new pathways and questions for moving and living in this chaotic world today.