Little Red Riding Hood is transformed into 6'3" male twins, equal parts Cain, Abel, Romulus and Remus. A pack of she-wolves that host game shows in the forest. A family dog that may or may not be human. Parents that communicate through megaphones. Words jump out of mouths, singers tiptoe though the woods, cellist rip it up. Red draws on the shared psychology of Red Riding Hood, Cain and Abel and Romulus and Remus to explore the world of a modern family, its cohesions and its fissures. As the family ventures into the unknown natural world, rules disappear and the members are free to act upon impulse. Buried competition, aggression, and smothered love surface and turn this family inside out.

This piece was made during the Artist in Residency at Tribeca Performing Arts Center. 
1 hour 10 minutes

Created by Katie Workum
Performed by Sharon Estacio, Reba Mehan, Jerry Miller, Luke Miller, Will Rawls,Jenny Seastone Stern, Katie Workum
Sound design and live performance by Julia Frodahl and her band Edison Woods
Performed at Tribeca Performing Arts Center, April 2006