We have been doing this forever

we have been doing this forever

Observing the bond between Molly Lieber and Eleanor Smith, two longtime collaborators and friends, and inspired by their entrance into the first rehearsal: tête-à-tête, inhabiting a private space and language, Workum interprets their specific friendship at this specific moment. Addressing and sourcing this connection, the duet is motivated by the desire to hold time still, preserve youthful intimacies, and knowing how we cannot. The dance follows the two into a personal and precise world that adjusts and travels through instances and eras. Alone, together, life ticking by, time standing still, we have been doing this forever

30 minutes
June 2011

Performed by Molly Lieber and Eleanor Smith
Choreography, sound and costumes by Katie Workum

Performed at South Oxford Space ART/New York