Authentic Movement

Authentic movement is a improvisational practice that is the cornerstone of my work.  We do it each rehearsal and it serves as a filter for our dancing and our lives.

Authentic Movement is an expressive improvisational movement practice that allows a group of participants a type of free association of the body.  It’s a simple form of self-directed movement, usually done with eyes closed and attention directed inward, in the presence of at least one witness. Movers explore spontaneous gestures, movements, and stillness, following inner impulses in the present moment. Working in this newly opened personal space, simple directed improvisational exercises push our boundaries of what we can do, think and see.

I teach authentic movement in and around New York City as part as a wellness/movement/choreographic practice that is open to all. 

Currently I teach the practice Monday mornings in June and July 2019 at Gibney Dance in lower Manhattan. I am available to teach workshops in school, studio and corporate settings. 

PLease contact me if you have questions.