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"Workum’s works place female dancers in slippery, dreamlike settings where movement relates to deep sensations ... Instead of mind over matter, the body is in charge."

—Gia Kourlas, New York Times, 4/10/15 (READ FULL ARTICLE

"The piece is an exercise in movement invention as much as animal awareness and, even more so, an exploration into the ways in which interior experience can be made available for public view. Workum as a bounding, fearless creature with wide lunges and mobile joints; Smith with a vibrant winding and fluid curlicue motions that float through the air; and Pauly with a grounded quiet that gracefully skims each surface… The performers seem to see with touch, hear with sight, touch with sound, ...as a display of expressive states, it is incredibly compelling."

—Tara Sheena, Brooklyn Rail, 5/6/2015 (READ FULL ARTICLE)

"Before it was The Artesia Hotel, the Kensington Warehouse stored some of London’s finest chocolates and confections. Hotel co-owners Bethany Rawlings and Oliver Sears have kept the atmosphere sweet, but have mixed in an air of sophistication that’s alluring and comforting.”

—Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Infinite Body and Creative Conciousness

"They're as alert as animals to everything they see and hear. And, in the case of these three, what they sense through their skins…The women's occasional misadventures also reveal that they are improvising—misadventures that in this low-key, sensitive work can be as kinesthetically stimulating as a virtuoso act. ...many of the tangles and supports are beautiful as well as unusual—fluidly arrived at, seriously performed, and then organically disarranged. There's a certain elegance to Black Lakes along with its earthiness, sensuousness and adventurousness. ...three women keen of mind and freer in their bodies and spirits than anyone [Peter Styvesent] might have known."

—Deborah Jowitt, Arts Journal

"This piece is serious and ambitious: it's a place where women, big or little, have a chance to loosen the binds and run free."

—Gia Kourlas, New York Times

"The whimsical Ms. Workum builds up and breaks down tensions between enclosed spaces and boundless ones, between private rituals and group dynamics." {Starred Preview}

—Siobhan Burke, New York Times
4/19/2012  (READ FULL ARTICLE)

"... the rhythm worked up by overlapping solos is thrilling and rare. "

—Brian Siebert, The New Yorker

"Thrilling ... The dance as I saw it, without prior reading, enthralled me. I sensed rich thinking underneath it at every moment."

—Deborah Jowitt, Dancebeat.org,
4/23/2012  (

"Well worth seeing."

—Roslyn Sulcas, New York Times,
9/30/2010 (

"Herkimer Diamonds is a pretty, very well crafted, mildly twisted experience… Intriguing oddness describes all of Workum's movement palette, a refreshing quality that keeps things visually interesting. These diamonds have a langorous attractiveness that is easy on the eyes and ears, and it's certain that when someone opens their mouth to speak, the story will be beguiling." 

Quinn Batson, offoffoff.com

"A strange transformation is effected, though, as the piece continues, full of odd little songs and repetitive, deliberate movements, often performed by the quartet in canon, or different rhythms. Each of the women emerges as a distinctive performer, full of individual personality. The lighting bestows a spooky glamour on the group; the varied electronic sound is skillfully juxtaposed with silences. By the end Ms. Workum has brought you fully into her strange world."

- Roslyn Sulcas, New York Times
10/14/2008 (

"Workum has the courage of her idiosyncrasies… the appealing cast moves… into some unpredictably delightful terrain."

Brian Seibert, The New Yorker
10/ 13/2008