Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer Diamonds is a nugget of information and sensations about people exploring the boundaries of their bodies and their friends' bodies, how things fall apart and stick together, layers of structures and lack thereof. Like shifting weather patterns, it is a system of botched intimacy, group behaviors, linking up, getting lost, found or swept up in the connection. The piece shapeshifts between abstract and humany realities. 

This piece was made as an Artist in Residence at Dance New Amsterdam. 1 hour

Performed by Anna Carapetyan, Lawrence Cassella, Katy Pyle, Katie Workum
Sound score by Jenny Seastone Stern and Katie Workum
Costumes by Kennis Hawkins
Lighting design by Mandy Ringger
Scenic elements by Virginia Poundstone
Performed at Dance New Amsterdam, October 2010